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workshop in Political Sciences

Barq Center for Consultancies and Future Studies held a workshop in Political Sciences on Sunday 25th of February 2018in Barq Center in al Fatih. Dr. Idris Ali, Dr. Yahya Bou Zaidi, and Dr. Rahali Mohammed, assistant professors in the faculty of law and political sciences, Djillali Liabes University Sidi-Bel-Abbes participated in the workshop.

Rahali’s intervention was entitled “Political science Epistemology” in which he talked about the concept of Epistemology and its applications through history. Scientists in Anglo Saxon countries, for example, see it as part of philosophy that is specialized in knowledge.

Idris talked about “Political Science Methodology”. In his paper, he addressed three main points: identifying the basic concepts of Political Science Methodology, research methodology and analysis approaches and political research difficulties.

Bou Zaidi talked about “Skills in Political Analysis and Research and autobiographies preparations”. His intervention was more characterized by the practical side. It addressed many practical and applied points including (how to follow events in mass media, media and bias trap, how to choose curricula and approaches, ideology and objectivity, attention to taming the pen and the continuous training on writing, while considering interests and openness).

It is worth mentioning that the questions and interventions of the audience enriched the workshop, reflected, and crystalized the ideas in our real situation. This made ideas appear more clearly. The workshop was concluded by giving the presenters, who moderated the workshop effectively, awards of recognition from the Center in appreciation of their efforts.


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