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Workshop “the woman and the political participation in Algeria: political exploitation or rehabilitation?”

Under the title “the woman and the political participation in Algeria: political exploitation or rehabilitation?”, Barq Center for Consultancy conducted a workshop on Friday 2. November/ 2018 conducted a workshop with the participation of the academician of sociology in Sétif University in Algeria, Prof. Dr. Fairuz Mami Zararqa.

In a research paper, Zararqa reviewed to the audience the situation of the woman in Algeria referring to the cultural constraints that pose an obstacle to the women political participation as she considered the Algerian society one that is similar to the other Arab societies governed by the old legacy in which masculinity dominates at the expense of excluding woman political role and making her role confined in educational and social duties.

After overcoming the constraints on the way of women political participation, the talk shifted to polishing the image of the democratic state in the international discourse by opening the floor before women to participate in the party parliamentary representation. Zararqa said that woman political entitlement has become equal to the other sectors in the country as it reached 30% in 2010. But that is considered like a polishing of the image of the democratic countries by shy participation of the woman.

The workshop was concluded by talking about specifying the mechanisms contributing to enabling women political role where the audience enriched the discussion by their interventions.

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