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‘National Dispute Management ’forum

Barq for Consulting and Future Studies, in cooperation with Roaya Institution for Education and Media, held a forum entitled ‘National Dispute Management’ in which Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar, a prominent author in the field of education and Islamic ideology, lectured on Saturday, January 13
th in Barq Center lecture hall in Fatih area.

In the forum, Bakkar talked about national disputes and ways of addressing them inside the same country citing many examples from our situation in the Arab world. The most prominent was the current scene in Syria. He distinguished between the different kinds of disputes of the minorities and their disputes among each other, the ethnic, racial or religious. He also talked about the disputes that occur between the minority and the majority. In addition, he pointed out many ways of addressing, solving and avoiding these disputes.


At the end of the forum, the audience were given the floor to ask questions about the unfortunate current situation each one is having in his own country. Many of them introduced ideas and solutions which enriched the forum as a result of the diversity of social and political sources. Memorial photos with Dr. Bakkar were taken hoping that this kind of forums will be repeated as they are closely related to our current situation.

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