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Isis women … the centrality of women in the age of terrorism

BARQ Center For Consulting & Future Studies invites you to attend a Forum entitled: “Isis women … the centrality of women in the age of terrorism”, to be presented by Dr. Rifka Ra’ed. Dr. Ra’ed holds a master degree in philosophy and is a researcher in war philosophy/ political philosophy. The forum will be on Sunday 4th February at 3.00 PM in Barq Center in Fatih.

The forum addresses the sudden and peculiar presence of the Arab woman, or the woman living in the Arab world, who suffers from the patriarchal culture, from motherhood and staying indoors for home chores. These led her to be involved in the idea of appearing and equality and to demand liberation and to discuss ideas towards a new concept of women. This takes us to the point of inquiring about the future of this existence and how it appeared?! What are the factors that helped its presence? Is there a certain followed policy that contributed to making women appear in public in this way?

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