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Symposium on “Methodological and philosophical issues in Taha Abdurrahman ideology”

Barq for Consulting and Future Studies held a symposium entitled “Methodological and philosophical issues in Taha Abdurrahman ideology” presented by Dr. Abderrezak Belagrouz, professor in University Mohamed Lamine Debaghine -Setif2/ Algeria on Friday the 29th of December Barq Center in Al Fatih.

Dr. Abderrezak Belagrouz talked about many ideas and topics in the time allocated to the symposium including: reading the overlapping tradition in knowledge and language influence in the imparted Greek because language plays its role in forming the concept. He also talked about the different concepts. Addressing the Greek tradition ranged between harmonization, pluralization and facilitation. It has two dimensions: semiotic and scientific. He also pointed out Taha Abdurrahman’s rejection of The Islamization of Science that was first coined in English.

The symposium ended by a number of questions and inquiries by the audience. This enriched the topic. Dr. Belagrouz offered some scientific books as a gift to the Center for hosting and organizing the symposium. The Center presented him a symbolic certificate in appreciation of his invaluable presentation and participation in spreading ideology and important issues among the current generation. The audience exchanged memorial photos with Dr. Belagrouz at the end of the meeting.

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