The Egyptian case.

The Egyptian case

The political situation in Egypt shows clearly that 25 January revolution could not achieve its announced demands “life, freedom, social justice”. The current situation shows that almost no change occurred in the regime structure. Rather, what happened in practice was reproduction of the old regime in a form that is more predominant than that of Hosni Mubarak.

Truce in Syria .

Under the title “Russian US agreement’, the truce was declared in Syria amid many difficulties Syria in general is undergoing. These do not start with the catastrophes of killing and destruction as well as the huge Syrian migration and asylum and do not end with ISIS stab in Syria’s back and its proliferation as a new side in the conflict which challenges the future of Syrians and, at a later stage, the future of the whole world; however, two months after the truce was declared, the weakness of the situation became clear.

Has the Syrian opposition finally succeeded in overrunning the state of fragmentation and polarization!? .

The birth of the High negotiation committee following hard labor chaired by “Riyad Hijab” represented a new turning point in the Syrian opposition march. Perhaps for the first time in such a way, it seems that a real representation of all political and military opposition spectra stands consistent, to a certain degree, after long years of failing attemps to create such a body.

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