The Arab Spring: a leap or a revolution?

The Arab Spring

Between the leap of the Tunisian “Mohamed Bouazizi” who set himself on fire in mutiny and rejection of an abominated Tunisian social situation and the leap of “the children of the Syrian city of Daraa” whose nails were plucked, due to their innocence and spontaneity, by the oppressive security forces of the regime of Assad the son, there exists an Arab dramatic extending and painful thread in all its manifestations. There is place for exploration reading, from a personal point of view, which is linked to the culture of change for enlightenment. Through this reading, we enter Arab history oasis and the society structures, traditions and inherited culture which are filled with unawareness sometimes and intended ignorance other times and which are linked to despotism, dictatorship and corruption in a way or another and to the culture of the mob and slaves most of the times.

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