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US and Russia on Crossroads in the Syrian file.

US and Russia on Crossroads in the Syrian file.

Those who are following the events in Syria since the US President Donald Trump took office in 20- January 2017 notice that a change in the US strategy regarding the Syrian file.

There is an obvious change from the static case to dynamism in the form of developing the programs and styles while keeping the targets.

In this paper what concern us is following the change operation of Trump policy towards Syria and to what extent it intersects with Moscow’s policy. The relations between Russia and the US entered a new turn in the Syrian file which is different from the static atmosphere we witnessed during ex-President Obama presidency period. After the chemical bargain in August 2013 through a Russian mediation, Obama followed the turning the back policy regarding the Middle East files and followed the self-distancing policy to manage the issues, a policy he excelled in. he found it more than enough to have a personal heritage by concluding the nuclear deal with Iran.

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