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Tension in the Moroccan Mauritanian relations a socio-historic “reading”

Tension in the Moroccan Mauritanian relations a


The Moroccan Mauritanian relations are characterized by historical depth which exceeds the birth of the country in its contemporary concept via popular, societal and cultural ties and via common economic and political interests. Part of these dates back to the time of the Almoravid dynasty and its geographical expansion south of the desert. Morocco continued to receive the Mauritanian elites for a long time; rather it constituted an incubator for them at times. Despite the popular and social rapprochement between the two countries, the Moroccan Mauritanian relations remained in a continuous tension due to internal and external factors in addition to diplomatic reasons that accompanied the track of political elites establishment and the track of the country birth following colonialism in the area. What distorts the Moroccan Mauritanian relations can be traced back to the remnants of the colonial period.

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