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Arab citizens of Israel.. Second-class citizens

Arab citizens of Israe

When the world focuses on the Arab-Israeli conflict today, the impasse of the 4 million people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank is its main interest. But there is a persistent question chasing the Israeli policy which is the case and the future of the Arab citizens inside “Israel”, who are approximately 1.7 million people and are about 21% of the population. In the recent decades, Arab citizens of Israel could increasingly improve their economic conditions and enhanced their civil community and occupied a prominent position in Israel policy. In 2009, however, when Benjamin Netanyahu took office for the second time as prime minister, their rights decreased as the government adopted steps in an attempt to deprive them of their rights. Israel policy makers defined their state long time ago as a Jewish and democratic state. The last procedures proved it to be the former (Jewish)rather than the latter (democratic).

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