Terms of writing and publishing

We are taking the advantage of human effort wherever humans are, in issues of justice and renaissance, through writings which increase the spirit of hope for the ummah and destroy its despair without restriction of thoughts or frames, in order to make the ummah enter a new cycle of life.

To participate in Barq publications, There are five different types of publications, according to the following criteria:


  • Research proposals including study objectives, methodology and reviews of previous studies can be sent.
  • The study should contribute through scientific additions in its field.


  • Studies should include subjects determined clearly by time and place.
  • Studies should include objectives, methodology, and future recommendations.
  • Quotations should be in line with Barq center publishing terms.

Specialized Articles:

  • The article should be related to topics of controversy.
  • Quotations should be in line with Barq center publishing terms.


  • The report should be related to controversial topics.
  • A number of projected future scenarios and how to deal with the raised issue should be added to the report.
  • Quotations should be in line with Barq center publishing terms.

Book summaries:

  • Book name, publishing company and publishing year have to be mentioned.
  • The book’s importance and its scientific contribution have to be highlighted.
  • The summary should present a comprehensive reading of the book which could be read in the context of other related books.
  • Author should mention the reasons behind choosing the book.
  • There are two types of book summaries: First, detailed summary, which is an analytical and critical study of the book. Second, short summary which is an analytical abstract of the book.
  • The book’s year of publication should not be earlier than three years past.
  • Quotations should be in line with Barq center publishing terms.

General conditions for publication:

  1. Delivered materials should not have been published before.
  2. Delivered studies should adhere to scientific methodology and objectivity in presentation and discussion.
  3. Before the publishing process, all delivered materials have to be reviewed by the judging committee, then suggestions will be sent back to researchers in order to make the necessary adjustments before publishing.
  4. A short biography of the researcher should be sent, and should not exceed two hundred words.
  5. An abstract not exceeding 250 words should be sent with reports and studies.
  6. In the case of having a full quote without citation, the material will not be published.
  7. Documentation and quotation process should take into account the scientific citation and documentation rules:
  • Books: author name, publishing year, book name, (editor or translator), publisher name, publishing place, page numbers.
  • Magazines: author name, article name, magazine name, edition date, page numbers.
  • Newspapers: author name, article name, newspaper name, edition date, publishing place, and page numbers.
  • If citations are taken from a foreign language source, the citation process should be in the same language in line with the above conditions.
  • Barq center will not accept materials which do not fall within the center’s interests.

General notes:

  • In the case that the research is accepted, a message will be sent to the researcher, in order to start adjustment procedures if they exist. Also, an apology message will be sent within 4 weeks in the case that the research is not accepted.
  • In the case of accepting the materials for publishing, copyright will be transferred to Barq center.
  • It`s not allowed for the author or the researcher to publish accepted materials by Barq center.

Publishing rewards:

Monetary rewards will only be given for the studies, reports and book summaries which the center and the author agree on.

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