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The Islamists and the Tunisian crossing to democracy (Ghannouchi an inspirer).

The Islamists and the Tunisian crossing to

The present moment the Arab nation is undergoing and especially after the Arab spring revolutions is considered one of the decisive historical moments of the future of this region. Therefore, this moment entails the study and meditation of all political, social and intellectual variables in the area in a way that helps predict the future tracks of the area.

The general situation in Jordan with the Syrian refugee crisis.

No doubt that the geographical location of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has played a prominent important role in the formation of the political, economic and social data in the country. The Jordanian state, because of its location neighboring three afflicted Arab countries (Palestine, Syria, Iraq) and being close to other countries in the instable region, is often clearly influenced by the repercussions of the situations in these countries.

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