About Us

Barq is a youth-led institutional research initiative addressing freedoms and social justice issues in society.  We seek creating knowledge integration in Arab and Islamic societies through research, training programs and capacity building projects that aim at serving community needs and producing intellectual elites able to influence global political decision making institutions in a way that serves human interests.

The initiative was launched in April 2014 by a group of young researchers and practitioners in the intellectual field aspiring to make a positive change in the Arab and Islamic societies.

Our Mission

Liberating the human mind and building capacities to act through scientific research and specialized societal and administrative professional training programs that aim at equipping young professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for individual and societal development.

Our Vision

Being an internationally prestigious institution in the fields of research and societal and managerial training able to achieve knowledge integration in society and to influence global political decision making institutions in a way that serves human interests.

Our Goals

-Building a good reputation among institutions, intellectuals, trainers, and project beneficiaries.

-Bridging the gap between the world of ideas and projects within a practical framework through the support and the launch of a range of quality projects that serve the community.

-Producing intellectual elites able to influence global political decision making institutions in a way that serves human interests.

-Raising change makers’ awareness about the important issues and events taking place in the Arab and Islamic Worlds and that require quick intervention.

Our Values

The possibility to act


Diversity of opinions and ideas

Freedom of thinking

Constructive Criticism

Equal opportunities based on qualifications and professionalism.

General Work Policies

  1. No direct involvement in politics in any country and a focus on intellectual production through research and training programs.
  2. Taking advantage of human effort regardless of one’s background.
  3. Institutional non-ideologization

Our Principles

Methodology: relying on scientific evidence

Positivity: sending positive message

Future Outlook: building the future rather than blaming the present

Objectivity: dealing with social justice and freedom issues in a balanced way.


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