They Made Me an Extremist

They Made Me an Extremist




The author talks about important turning points in his life starting with the emergence of extremist thoughts in his mind arriving to his resistance of these ideas intellectually.  The author states: “War has started with harvesting human lives in the first day on which Sanaa city became a flame of fire. The following day, despite the war, my father and I went to the Islamic institute I was enrolled in. To my surprise, the school’s court was filled with high school students, teachers, and even the school’s director, who were all getting prepared to fight in the name of the Holy Jihad. The school’s director has then delivered an inspiring speech that affected me so much that, with tears in my eyes, I begged for my father’s permission to take part of this Jihad so that I die as a martyr although my age was under eight at the time. Later on, the victory of Jihadists in Northern Yemen was announced and the northern flag was raised on the territory of Yemen as a united independent country.

As an innocent child I was then asking who were our enemies who killed Jihadists and tried to colonize  our land and the answer I have always received from everyone was that they were ‘ the communists’, the enemies of God and the nation. Honestly, I did not know neither who communists were, nor what their believes but I prayed all the time for their defeat and Jihadist’s victory”.

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