Who are we?

Who are we?

An academic institutional initiative launched in April/ 2014. It adopts the causes of freedom and social justice and it seeks to create knowledge integration in the society by participating in the research science and in consultations and training in a way that serves society causes in forming power that is influential on international and societal decision-making centers so decisions are in human’s interest.

The message

Building enlightened free human capabilities to act by training cadres able to understand reality and its challenges and which participate in the process of developing individuals and society and stride confidently towards human civilization.


An internationally prestigious institution in the field of consultations and political-administrative and social training.

Those in charge of the center

“an independent consulting academic elite that works on widening the area of human consciousness and promises a new era”.

Our values

1-the possibility of action.

2-scientific in the presentation.

3-diversity and discrepancy of ideas.

4-freedom of thinking.

5-criticism is the base of creativity.

6- equality of opportunities according to professionalism and entitlement.

Strategic goals

1-defining the working groups in the procession of development and change according to the essential needs commensurate with real-life challenges.

2- acquiring confidence and professionalism from the sides benefitting from the investments, training, and projects.

3-bridging the gap between the world of ideas and the projects within a practical framework linked to reality.

4-imposing an academic site that constitutes a compressive force on the general policies and serves the social-intellectual causes and achieves human interests.

Public labor policies

-man is the pivot of labor.

The non-Indoctrination of the institution and maintaining its positive neutrality in all international causes.

The character of the center




The targeted objectivity:

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